Toby Z. Magic - Perth Magician Hire

“Fantastic Toby! You done a good job!”

Lee Asher, Magician, U.S.A Sleight of Hand Artist, Technological inventor

Toby Z. Magic - Perth Magician Hire

“WOW, You’re AMAZING !!”

Nic Naitanui, AFL Player-West Coast Eagles

Toby Z. Magic - Perth Magician Hire

“Toby, Change the world ! ”

Chris Brown (Orbit Brown), Magician – Founder of ORBIT Deck Playing Cards



Toby Zhang Magician

Magician Hire Perth 

Magician Hire Perth is everything you need to make any party remarkable! Everyone could use a little magic in their life. Especially, not the old coin tricks your grandpa used to do, but real contemporary high-end magical show. Do you want to be in awe like a little kid again? Toby Z.’s magic show is sure to blow your mind! No matter how old you are, an awesome Illusionist Perth will amaze and entertain a crowd of any age and social status. A true professional magician will bring everyone together in a wow-moment at any event. Magician Hire Perth is not just a special treat but also appropriate for any event requiring entertainment. Any and all events like a kid’s birthday party, a cocktail party, a wedding, a fancy gala dinner or a boring corporate event will end up the topic of conversation for a long time if you invite magic!

Any party, any crowd! 

Toby Z. Illusionist Perth is not only experienced in all types of magic tricks and illusions, but he is also very skilled and charismatic. A true entertainer, he will make sure all of your guests stay on their tip-toes waiting for him to come back for another round. Toby, an illusionist Perth, can do it all: unbelievable card magic, jaw-dropping coin magic, stunning Rubik’s cube magic, awesome rubber band magic and even mind reading! And the best part is that it can all be done close up! Illusionist Perth will mingle amongst your guests, entertaining small groups to make sure everyone can see the magic of his performance up close. 

Magic to fit your party needs

Any party could become unforgettable with Magician Hire Perth. Kids Birthday parties are always Toby’s favorite because kids don’t fake emotions. Don’t worry about hiring multiple entertainers, Toby will keep children captivated and amazed! His magic show is superb, it may even inspire one of the kids to become a magician too! However, Toby’s magic is not only for kids and won’t cost a small fortune. Small private event? No problem! Illusionist Perth will keep your guests occupied and entertained with close up magic. Magician Hire Perth can do any size event, including oversized weddings and huge corporate events. Yes, you can make your wedding more magical by hiring Toby Z. Illusionist Perth. Make sure your wedding day becomes special not just for you but for your guests too. Whatever your event may be, Toby Z. an illusionist Perth, will listen to your plans, desires, and ideas. Together you can come up with the best entertainment plan for your particular event. 

Book your event now!

There is no event too big or too small for Toby Z. He can amaze up close and personal with close up roving magic as well as stage magic for entertaining the entire crowd at once. Booking is hassle-free and easy! Contact Toby Z. today for an estimate or if you still have any questions. 

Make sure your friends, family, guests, and employees don’t get bored, hire Toby Z. as your trusted illusionist Perth today!

about Perth Magician-Toby Z. :

Magic can seduce you anywhere. It happened to Toby in Japan when he was just 13 and on holiday with his family. He fell under the spell of a Japanese master who had the village roaring with disbelief. Toby was hooked and started learning magic. After few years, Toby realised that just practicing and studying magic himself was not enough to be able to perform in front of people with confidence. It would have been good enough to impress some of his friends, but not strangers of the general public. So after graduating high school, Toby decided to hone his magic skills with the most famous magician in China at that time; JianZhong Ding. Today, after many years of practice, hard work and dedication, Toby hit the corporate scene, performing his astonishing Close-up Magic to some of the big names in business such as the NAB, Crown Perth and local government councils. Toby is renowned for his magic with a deck of cards as well as incorporating amazing effects with coins, mobile phone magic, Rubik’s cube magic and mind reading into his shows. 


Toby Z. will stun your guests with his intricate style and friendly personality he carries during his Magic. As a Magician, he will do Close-up magic by mingling with your guests like a performance around a bunch of people, or will interact and perform on the table or can do stand up magic.

He is an expert in his OMG-magic performance such as:

  • CARD magic
  • Coin magic
  • Rubik’s cube magic
  • Rubber Band magic

All of these magic are incredible and will leave your guests captivated. There is no point in doing magic by not interacting with the audience. Perth Close-up Magician Toby is a win-win if you want to enjoy a happy hour and at the same time want to hear about your great party even after years!

Wedding Close-up roving Magician in Perth:

Don’t stress yourself on your wedding and give a bad vibe to your friends. It’s the time of your life where you really want to smile and laugh. Even, your friends want to remember this special moment they have been waiting for years.

Toby Z. will entertain your guests with his super magical powers at any time of your wedding. Let it be breakfast, evening party or reception, no one is going to leave without laughing pictures!

Corporate Close-up roving Magician in Perth:

Corporate parties and events need professional Close-up Magician to ease the environment and making your boss and supervisor laugh out hard even if he hasn’t done it before! Make the tensed professional environment in a happy memorable moment with Toby the Close-up Magician in Perth!

Party Close-up roving Magician in Perth:

Don’t dull your birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, beach and private parties boring! Parties are supposed to have some fun and you need to give each of your guests the best level of entertainment even if he is not a soul of the party!

Make it happen with Toby and make your parties OMG-reacted!


Book Toby Z. right away to make your next event become unforgettable!

Event Bookings

Close-Up | Roving Magic

Toby’s Close-up magic routines are ideal for cocktail parties, pre or post dinner drinks, product launches, weddings, corporate events, private parties or almost anywhere that entertainment is required. Toby performs Close-up Magic to small groups of guests. As he moves around your event Toby will have your guests actively involved in tricks, laughing, chatting and being amazed.

Parlour | Stage Magic

Well-suited for after dinner entertainment at corporate, birthday party, kids party and special events, Toby’s 30 minute magic show is full of skill and wonder! The show features lots of audience participation, and it closes with a magic effect that involves every member of the audience, bringing your guests together in a way that they will continue to rave about well after the event.

Trade shows

Customized magic for corporate trade shows by a professional is meant to ensure that traffic stops at your booth. Once there is a sizable crowd gathered, the magician will weave your marketing message into his performance. When the performance ends, almost 90% of those who were there want to enter the booth and find out more about your product, service, and business.

Kid's Party

No need for face painters, jumping castles or multiple entertainers

Get some food, get some drinks and get Magician -Toby Z. for an Easy & Amazing magic party that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Corporate Events

A magician for corporate events can bring contemporary live entertainment to your show. It helps create excitement during corporate dinners, PR events, business lunches, etc. Plus, all of that attention helps attract potential clients to your business. Not to mention the fact that it helps to hold people’s attention and remember your brand.

Wedding Receptions

Would you like to add some extra magic to your wedding day? Consider hiring a magician to entertain your guests at your wedding reception! Here are the top reasons you should hire a magician to be a special part of your BIG day.

What Toby Z. Magic Offer – Perth Magician


High-End Modern Magician

No one wants to see a clichéd entertainer pulling coins out of ears. Toby Z. Magic offers stage and Close-up magic routines specialising in sophisticated illusions for the 21st century modern audience. 

Hassle-Free Service

Toby Z. Magic aims to make your booking as simple and flexible as possible, ensuring your needs come first. Toby Z. Magic is NOT an agency, hence there are no extra costs.

Classy Modern Entertainment

Looking for a Professional roving magician entertainer for a smaller intimate event? No problem. Need Standing show magician that can provide plentiful entertainment for 300+ guests? Toby Z. Magic covered!


Wow. What a great experience! Wanted to add something different for my wife’s 40th birthday party and Toby was amazing. Honestly there were some crazy tricks which looked impossible! Everyone was completely blown away and I would highly recommend him. The close up card tricks were so amazing and we were involved in them too.


We can’t thank you enough Toby Z for the amazing entertainment you provided at my husband’s 40th. Our guests were amazed and in awe watching you perform your magic and it was truely a memorable experience. I would highly recommend you for any event! Thankyou.


Thank u Toby to perform in my girl friend birthday party. U are absolutely amazing. We were all deeply impressed by ur amazing shows since I have never seen such a innovative magic performance except u. Thanks a lot for this experience and hope see ur performance again 🙂

Ryan Wang


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